how to fast safely

How to fast safely? Top 8 tips

Fasting can be as safe and dangerous as walking, While walking is generally safe some time you may fall and get injured. from this what I mean is its safe if done right way and dangerous if done in the wrong way.

How to fast safely has its own set of challenges which needs to address before starting out any fasting routine. For most of us fasting is safe, but from some, it may be a risky affair.

In this post, I will try to give a few tips for how to fast safely.

1: Fasting is not for everyone

Fasting is not safe for everyone. If you have any below-mentioned condition you should avoid fasting or at least consult with your Doctor.

how to fast safely

  • Malnourished or underweight person should not do fasting.
  • person who is taking any medicines, should consult with a doctor before starting because some medicines may require food to work effectively.
  • Children/teens should avoid fasting because their body is in the growth stage and require a lot of nutrition.
  • A person with type 1 diabetes, pregnant and nursing women, People recovering from major surgery or serious injury, those who are underweight or undernourished, People with heart issues, those with very low blood pressure should also avoid fasting.

2: Start small go big

Imagine a sedentary person suddenly asked to run 30 km marathon, can he complete it successfully without posing any dangers to his health. Such task possesses a serious health risk.

how to fast properly

  • For such aim, one needs to start running 1 km per day and afterward slowly progress to 10 km per day and they another few month progress to 20 km per day and another 3-4 month he may be able to run 30 km per day.
  • For fasting, we need to take a similar approach to start with short term fasting like 8 hours and progress towards 24 hours fasting and then 48-hour fasting and then 3 days or more long term fasting.
  • This start small and go big approach to let your body to adapt with various fasting routines without causing any negative effects on the body.

3: Stay hydrated

how to fast properly

Drink plenty of water during fast, water plays an important role in various body activities like transporting nutrients and waste, maintaining body temperature.

  • Dehydration may cause headache, dizziness, lack of concentration so drink plenty of water during fast.
  • How much water to drink? Drink slightly more water than you normally do. As you are not eating food body also not get water in it.
  • Avoid drinking too much water as it may cause problems like bloating and constipation.

4: Keep yourself busy

how to fast properly

  • Do get busy in your daily work. Time will be hard to pass if you are not doing anything and hence thinking more about eating will make you will power weak.
  • Take long walks, do exercise will keep you motivated and will help you in extending your fast.

5: Avoid overeating

When you are breaking fast, avoid overeating.

is fasting safe

  • Overeating may cause stomach discomfort and bloating. Remember eating too many calories may result in weight gain.
  • Break your fast by having a calorific beverage, which will give you an instant energy boost and also suppress your hunger to some extent.
  • Overeating is very common after fast, due to emotional reaction food taste so good after fast.

6: Eat nutritional food on normal days

As you limiting food intake on fast days, your body may have some nutritional deficiency.

is fasting safe

  • Eat plenty of colorful leafy vegetables, whole grains, add protein sources like egg, meat, and dairy.
  • Proteins are building blocks of muscle, fasting promotes new cell generation hence you need to have a healthy diet to get most benefits out of fasting.
  • Avoid eating sugary and junk food all the time they may negate most of the benefits of fasting.
  • If you are doing long term fasts or having some kind of nutrition deficiency you should consider taking supplements like a multivitamin and multi-mineral tablets.

7: Do mild exercise and physical activity

how to lose weight fast and safe

  • If you are doing exercise on a fasting day, keep exercise intensity to medium or low. Strenuous exercise or physical activity may put a lot of pressure on your body and may cause harm than good.
  • So limit your exercise intensity on fasting days, after some experience increase it to normal levels.

8: Avoid drinking too much coffee or tea

Drinking coffee or tea in excessive amount may cause problems like irregular heartbeat, anxiety, sleeping problems. Drink coffee or tea in moderation.



Fasting generally safe for a healthy adult. You should avoid fasting if you have any medical condition or at least consult with your doctor before doing it.

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