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Boiled egg diet and fasting will do you wonders ?

People often complain it’s hard to do long term fast and results are hard to come by. There is a reason why a result are minimal because we often overeat and continue to eat a high carb diet on normal days. We don’t know what to eat on normal days. Diets like “keto” or “Paleo” are complex and need some planning beforehand. Combining a boiled egg diet with fasting is a quick way to lose and maintain weight to be fit.

What is boiled egg diet?

As the name suggests a major part of your diet must be boiled eggs or lean proteins like chicken and fish. The boiled egg diet is protein heavy diet with low carbs and fat. Boiled eggs can be substituted by scrambled eggs or egg omelet.

  • You can eat 3 meals per day, possibly 2 eggs per meal which is a total of 6 eggs per day. If you eat 2 or fewer meals you can have 3 eggs per meal. I would not recommend 6 eggs per meal as the body has an inherent upper limit on how much protein it can digest unless you are an athlete or sports person.
  • Having more than 3 meals per day is not allowed. No snacks or calorific beverages allowed during the diet period.
  • If you leave in a hotter environment adjust your egg intake according to activity levels. Boiled egg diet can gluten and dairy free if select ingredients carefully.

Types of boiled egg diet

Boiled egg diet is heavily based on eggs, you can create your own variations by mixing and matching with low carb food. Fats should be taken in moderation as eggs already have ample amount of fat.

Below are some types of boiled egg diet

Egg only diet

Eat only boiled eggs for meal nothing else is allowed. This is a kind of mono diet which takes you to the extreme and hence unhealthy for longer terms. Although it will produce a great result in a short time.

Egg and grapefruit diet

Eat eggs with grapefruit as per your liking. 2 eggs with 1/2 grapefruit is a good choice for a single meal.

3 to 14-day egg diet

This is a period based diet in which you eat eggs for a certain period of 3 to 14 days. You can eat eggs with grapefruit or leafy vegetables as per your liking for 3 -14 days

Why boiled egg diet?

Eggs have a high nutritional value. Consuming eggs regularly satisfy most of the nutrition needs of the body.

Below chart show single medium size boiled egg nutrition, which can be similar for scrambled egg or omelet.

gluten free diet

  • High in protein which is essential for maintaining and building muscle mass and makes feel full for longer.
  • Zero carbs hence do not trigger insulin response from the body.
  • Decent amount of fat which essential for various body functions.
  • This makes eggs ideal for weight loss diet.
  • Eggs depending on its size have total 50-70 calories. If you eating a total of 6 eggs in a day means you only consuming 400 to 500 calories. Which is far less than recommended calories per day (1200 calories per day for a woman and 1500 calories per day for men).
  • Boiled eggs are tasteless and can be prepared in advance and kept in a fridge for future use.

Boiled Egg diet meal plan

There are many version of egg diet, to keep things simple. You can mix and match ingredients according to your preference

  • Keep eggs as a base ingredient, you can replace boiled eggs with scrambled eggs or egg omelet.
  • The basic meal is like 2 boiled eggs + 1/2 grapefruit or vegetable salad.
  • One can replace grapefruit with any other fruit which is available and have similar calories.

boiled egg diet plan

Allowed ingredient

Lean protein

Eggs, chicken, turkey, fish

Fruits and vegetables

Grape fruit, broccoli, asparagus, bok choy, any leafy vegetables


Olive oil, ghee (in small quantity)

Sample meal plan


2 boiled eggs + half grapefruit or leafy vegetable salad with olive oil


Roasted chicken breast or 2 boiled eggs + broccoli


Half fish fillet or 2 boiled eggs + half grapefruit

How to combine the boiled egg diet with fasting?

In intermittent fasting , break your fast with 2 eggs + green leafy vegetable. This will avoid overeating which is a cause of bloating and upset stomach.

  • On a normal day replace 1or 2 meals with boiled eggs diet meals, it will reduce your calories intake without reducing nutrition.
  • Loose skin is a major problem after weight loss, fasting will tighten your skin after weight loss.
  • “boiled egg diet” for long duration’s may cause nutrition deficiency.
  • Do not follow the egg diet immediately after long-duration fasts like 48 hours or more. Your body needs to replenish its energy with carbs and nutrients after a long fast.

Boiled egg diet benefits

  • A major benefit of eggs diet is weight loss, one can lose around 1 lb per day on boiled eggs diet.
  • Major benefits is its simplicity not many ingredients are needed, you can prepare each meal in advance and keep in the fridge for future.
  • If you combine boiled egg diet with fasting, you get multiple other benefits like anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, reduced risk of chronic disease.

Read in more about benefits here.

Boiled egg diet side effects

  • Boiled egg diet is kind of mono diet, the major side effect is a nutritional deficiency. You can overcome it by adding varied kinds of fruits and leafy vegetables in the diet.
  • As eggs are low in fiber, one can experience constipation. High fiber vegetable can be helpful.
  • It’s a low carb and low-calorie diet, you may experience lack of energy, fatigue or constant hunger. Make sure you are eating some fruit or green leafy vegetables.
  • Egg contains cholesterol for some people it may cause problems.
  • Boiled eggs diet is short term diet. Weight lost, may come back if you did not follow a healthy lifestyle.


Eggs diet is kind of crash diet, you lose a lot of weight in a short time. You can enhance weight loss by combining it with intermittent fasting and get multiple other benefits.

If you keep eating crap, a lost weight may come back.


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